Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures

Healthy Eating for Kids:

Will talk today about the calories required for children of different ages so u can keep it as a record when u feed them meals.

Kids age four to six-year-olds require an average 1630 calories per day.

Seven to ten-year-olds require 1855 calories per day.
11 to 14-year-olds needs 2030 per day.

There is a slight increase in these figures for boys and a slight decrease for girls.

Because they grow rapidly, healthy eating for kids is essential and they need proportionately more nutrients than adults.

As they approach their teens, another growth spurt will signal a need for even more nutrients.

Some of the best of these are available in low calorie recipes.

Calorie Requirement for Young People in Their Mid to Late Teens:

Among 15-18-year-olds the average is 2755 for boys and 2110 for girls.

Low calorie recipes will deliver balanced, filling, nutritious meals to meet these raised calorie requirements.

Healthy eating for kids is very important at this time, especially since teenagers often
develop a taste for fast food or even try experimenting with different food regimes.

It is wise for parents to keep an eye on girls, in particular, if they feel too much attention is being paid to calories.


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