Hi , I am Reeham or you can call me Amy đŸ™‚ , I live in Egypt ,married to an amazing man who appreciates good food with two lovely girls who are my life.

Healthy food has been my passion since I started my eating clean journey 4 years ago, I have been over weight for almost 10 years of my life, As a mom of two lovely girls, I wanted to make sure my family is getting the right nutrients and to feel good about what they are eating, I aimed for them not to suffer from obesity like I used to suffer.

A year ago I started studying nutrition with Brentwood learning college in the UK, I started  helping people through my recipes make life style changes, coaching them to properly fuel their body with the right food so they can take charge of their own health and well-being, To eat better so they can feel better. I believe it’s never about dieting, it’s about eating clean, getting fit and living a healthier life because your body deserves the best.